Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi & Fantasy Culture by Ytasha L. Womack (Oct 2013) www.iafrofuturism.com

Creative Visioning with Ytasha Womack

From Afrofuturism849’s website:

“The Future Now

What vision do you have for the future? If we want a new today we have to change our collective vision.
A vision is the playing ground where you unfold your dreams into reality. Your vision embodies the force within you, driving you into action. It is essential to bring prosperity and success into our lives for personal, business and leadership.
This workshop and discussion will center around our ability to vision a new future.
What do we want the future to look like? What does this ideal future feel like?
What can we do today to make this future a reality? This fun filled and frank discussion will
examine our greatest dreams for transformation as a society, as a city, as a world as we change
our thoughts, deeds and words to align with our highest visions. Come share your thoughts and ideas.”

Ytasha Womack will be leading the Visioning workshop January 4th, at BLUE1647, 1647 S. Blue Island, at 4pm, in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.


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