Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi & Fantasy Culture by Ytasha L. Womack (Oct 2013) www.iafrofuturism.com

Stylus: Sun Ra Cosmic Vibrations


Stylus is an  experimental documentary series about sound, music and listening.  Recently, they did a profile on Afrofuturist and jazz musician Herman Poole Blunt who was better know as Sun Ra. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the late musician who was considered one of the most influential and innovative musicians and artists of the 20th century due to his contributions to jazz and his pioneering use of electronic  instruments. This tribute includes interviews with: Ytasha Womack, filmmaker and author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi and Fantasy Culture and Rayla 2212; Hank Shocklee, music producer and co-founder of the hip-hop group Public Enemy; Craig Harris, trombonist and composer who performed with Sun Ra from 1976 to 1979; and John Szwed, professor of music at Columbia University and author of Space is the Place: The Lives and Times of Sun Ra.


You can listen to the profile here: http://styluswbur.tumblr.com/post/84456026781/in-the-1930s-a-young-man-from-birmingham-named


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